Exif Gallery creator


This project was started when if searched for a HTML Photo gallery creator that could use the exif information from the JPEGs that are created with my Digital camera. I was surprised how much Photo gallery programs can be foudn on the web and how much they dare to ask for it. None of the ones that i found, can extract the exif information and put it in the HTML files. Thats why i decided to write my own.

It took me two days (about 16 hours) to get a complete working version that can insert any Exif information into the HTML files. I still have some wishes for the program but i don't know if they ever will be implemented.


  • Create HTML thumbnail pages from a template
  • Create HTML page per image
  • Insert any Exif information in the HTML
  • Create thumbnails and copy them to a custom directory
  • Copy images to custom directory
  • Whishlist:

  • Create differerent image sizes for the images so users can select the image that "matches" their connection (small images for slow connections)
  • Supporting more fileformats
  • Screenshots

    The main window with Sorting options:

    File location opions:

    Thumbnail options:

    Image html options:


    The program (with source) is availible at the Sourceforge downloads page
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